The wijpiechart widget allows the user to show customized pie charts. Pie charts are commonly used to display simple values. A Pie chart draws each series as a slice in a pie. Pie charts have one significant difference when compared to other wijchart chart types: in Pie charts, each series represents one slice of the pie. Therefore, you will never have Pie charts with a single series (they would be just circles). In most cases, Pie charts have multiple series (one per slice) with a single data point in each series. wijpiechart represents series with multiple data points as multiple pies within the chart.




Binds value for attributes to the object. All valid attributes can be binded.

Format from Application Class:



If the binded value for this field contains a value, the object will not be rendered from the server to the client. The disable function will also disable all child objects.


Bind an internal table from application class and it will be used as chart data.


Label for pie chart. Format in text or numbers.


Value for the pie chart. Must be in number format.


Value for offset for each section in the pie chart. Offset for an explode animation. Must be in number format.


The Ajax ID used in OnAjax method in the application class.

Prevent reload at initialization

As a default all components with ajax call will trigger an reload event after document is loaded. Enable to prevent the init reload.

Trigger Ajax Call

All our components using ajax have the possibility to be manually triggered with a javascript function. The function name is: reload+component name. If you have a component named myChart, you can trigger the javascript function:


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