Bar charts are probably one of the most widely used of charts, and also one of the most versatile. Along with the Line and Pie charts it’s one of the more common chart types and as such it’s very versatile.



Barchart caption. Possible to enter static text and translate to different languages if needed. Use the translate button to translate.The label can also be binded to an public attribute from the application class.


Binds value for attributes to the object. All valid attributes can be binded.

Format from Application Class:



If the binded value for this field contains a value, the object will not be rendered from the server to the client. The disable function will also disable all child objects.


Bind an internal table from application class and it will be used as chart data.

Data 1

Data field 1 from the internal table.

Data 2

Data field 2 from the internal table.

Tooltips 1

Tooltips field 1 from the internal table.

Tooltips 2

Tooltips field 2 from the internal table.


Label field from the internal table.

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