The UI5 framework from SAP is an excellent high level JavaScript library that is integrated and works perfectly with the Neptune Application Designer. For the popular Fiori look and feel, simply chose the BlueCrystal theme. The solution is based on Model View Control architecture and the Neptune server handles all the communication between the server and the client. All requests use native JSON as the SAPUI5 data models and has been optimized for performance. The caching feature enables the developer to easily create offline capable applications.   

Download the software

The Neptune application designer is a SAP certified ABAP add-on that is installed as a SAINT package on any Netweaver 7.X ABAP system. Thus it can be used for ECC, CRM, SRM, BW and even Mini-SAP. The trial version is free and only installations meant for productive use is subject to a license fee. Please follow the installation guide that is included in the download package.

You can download the software here

It is important to install and assign the /neptune/designer role to your developers to have access to all the development features!

Training and Documentation 

The easiest way to get familiar with Neptune and SAPUI5 development is to go through tutorials:

Getting started tutorial

If you are new to Neptune and developing with the SAPUI5 framework we advice you to first go through this tutorial or videos.

Webinar: UI5 Sales Order Application

Webinar: UI5 Sales Order Application - Offline

Data send/receive 

Backend data, Models and Navigation

Classroom training

Here you find documents with step by step guides and tasks to get a grasp on the most important aspects of the development. After going through the overview and mobile training you should be able to create your first applications.

Training documents

Application class

Information about the application class that is used by the Neptune Server

Application Class


Templates are complete sets applications that covers different functional areas within SAP. Neptune Software continuously creates more templates so make sure to check back now and again for updates.

You can also preview the templates running on our IDES system and download and install them on your own system to test them with own data and customizing. The idea is that you add or remove functionality to fit you exact requirements and add you own themes and branding if you wish. Templates are also a great way for developers to use as a reference for how to code their own applications. 

Preview templates

Download templates

Creating a Hybrid Application

Hybrid applications are web apps that has been packaged with a native wrapper so that they have access to capabilities like camera and geo-location on the device

Export UI5 to Phonegap

Using Appcache 

AppCache is a way to enable automatic updates of apps on the users devices to be updated automatically as soon as you change the application in you productive SAP system. This greatly simplifies the updating process where you previously needed to get ll users to update their app. Also this solution includes an optional pass-code solution that gives you a secure but user-friendly way to log on to your application.


Security guide

Security can be a showstopper for many enterprise mobility projects. Look at our security guide and also consider using the SAP Mobile Platform Cloud Edition for a quick and low initial cost implementation of Enterprise security for your Apps.

Security recommendations

SCN blog on SMP Cloud Edition