Create a UI5 application with Neptune Application Designer


This webinar will cover the necessary steps required to create an Application based on HTML5 and the SAPUI5 framework using the Neptune Application Designer. 
It will include UI development and receiving and fetching data from the SAP backend. 
The vital understanding of the model framework and how this correlates to dictionary objects and the application class in the ABAP backend will be the main focus area.


  • What are the differences between the trial version and the licensed one? As far as features are concerned.
    • The trial version have all functionality like the productive version. The difference is the watermark “Trial Version” and that the trial version can’t be used in a productive environment.

  • Are translations supported in an easy way?
    • In our Neptune Application Builder we provide a translation tool. All attributes for UI5 objects can be translated in an “Excel” look.


  • Does it support SAP Afaria and SAP Mocana from security perspective?
    • Yes, applications built by using our “Export to Phonegap” - - can be uploaded into your SAP Afaria environment and distributed to your clients.
    • SAP Mocana for encryption is highly recommended when running offline applications and you have sensitive data. The same application from can be uploaded into SAP Mocana and you can set your required security settings. The whole process is less than 30 min and very easy to use. Then you can upload the Secure application into SAP Afaria for distribution.

  • Is it compatible with SMP 3.0 and push notification functionality?
    • Yes, Neptune are tightly integrated with SAP Mobile Platform and uses the authentication from SMP, CAPTCHA Challenge and Push Notifications. Neptune provide a function module to be able to send Push from SAP to the SMP environment (onPremise/Cloud).


  • About the connection with BI, is there an option to create dynamic input search fields like user exits or something like this?
    • Connecting Neptune to BW (BO do not run ABAP Stack), the recommended settings are running Neptune on ECC then use RFC to read data from BW.
    • Creating dynamic search fields are possible. Almost all UI5 objects have the property visible, so using that in combination with the Application Class and the users authorization/role you can display a dynamic search form to the user

  • For sapui5 development SAP recommend OData protocol to communication between the device and SAP. With Neptune I don't Odata, can you elaborate on that?
    • We use oData/Model framework, but we trigger an Ajax call with JSON format. The reason is the flexible way to send/receive data between the client and SAP, only by settings in Neptune.
    • Combining the power of UI5 Models with Neptune, we now have a powerful offline framework that are easy to use, even with WebSQL Database.

  • Can you insert Neptune app as tile in Fiori launch page? 
    • Yes, the Fiori Launchpad uses an URL behind the tiles. Having Neptune installed on the same server as your NetWeaver Gateway the same SSO2 Cookie are used and no need to authenticate again for Neptune Apps.

  • Can you access device camera through Neptune apps?
    • Yes, with Phonegap you can access native capabilities on your device. In our “Export to Phonegap” you click for the desired plugins to be activated. Our javascript helpers included code examples for Camera and more.

  • How do you get the details of a particular sales org while GET_CUSTOMER_LIST has no value passed to it, like GET_CUSTOMER_LIST(VALUE)?
    • When we retrieved data for the customer list, we marked the send possibility (like form post) and the gv_page_search structure was sent back to SAP.

  • Could you please post your demo app you just shown to your homepage so I can analyze the code?
    • You find the XML file for the Application (no ABAP logic – only the UI) attached to this post.
    • Import the XML file in Neptune Application Designer. In the menu "Application" - Import. Remember that the import overwrite the Application in the designer, so just create an empty one.


  • Regarding Formatting options: Is it possible to somehow use sap conversion exits which are assigned to the data element attributes of application class for presentation on the UI? Or would I need to use a string attribute and do the conversion on my own via ABAP coding?
    • Formatting Option 1: UI5 Formatters, only changes the display of the data – many preset formatters and very flexible possibility to create your own.
    • Formatting Option 2: Using SAP Conversion Exits. Easily set in Neptune. Be aware that the data will be received on the client in this format, so only for displaying data.

  • Can you please explain how to pass values from the front end and to update in the database table
    • You can send entire tables/structures back to SAP – only by selecting the send/receive options on the object. For SAVE/DELETE I recommend using a Ajax object and set corresponding AJAX_ID like SAVE/DELETE

  • Is any certification course being offered by Neptune Software?
    • We are planning next training in Hamburg. Dates will be posted shortly on our webpage.

  • How do you sort the objects in an app other than drag and drop?
    • Only possible by drag&drop + copy/paste.


  • Is it possible to merge two different projects? I.e., reuse of objects
    • You can use the same Application in several projects and in different mobile Apps

  • Will you improve your javascript editor within NAD with for instance input help or forward navigation?
    • Today we are limited by the functionality by the Text Editor of SAPGUI. But yes, we are working on using an external editor embedded into Neptune.

  • How is the Neptune add-on licensed for customers and for consultancies wanting to partner/work with the platform?
    • For our partners the solution is free to use in your SAP system, but not in the productive environment
    • For customers, please contact Andreas Sulejewski

  • Do we also need SAPUI5?
    • No, From Neptune Application Designer 2.20 we have the entire OpenUI5 included in our package

  • Why is only a STRUCTURE available on the binding possibility for a PAGE?
    • A page and other containers are “Flat”, and only structure makes sense to bind.
    • For List & Tables, that expect rows, only internal tables can be bound.

  • So, does this mean that you can only use the Neptune App Designer to develop applications which only connected to SAP back-end?
    • Not only, but limited to all interface possibilities that you can do in ABAP can be used in the Application Class to retrieve data from other external systems.

  • Can I import custom library/control that I created?
    • You can include your own javascript libraries in the header of the application. Or you can embed a script block coding into your application and include your custom control there. Using custom library/control, you need to manually setup the binding.