Create an offline application based on SAPUI5 with Neptune Application Designer.


Offline is a very important aspect of mobile applications. More and more companies look to the “Offline First” trend. The most important aspect of this architecture is to assume that there is no connectivity. 

Neptune has a great framework for creating offline applications based on UI5 models. It is super-fast and easy to use. 

This webinar will enable you to create offline applications with a minimal effort.


  • When we have to use WebSQL storage or Local Storage, and which is the drive to decide which one we have to choose? Dimension of data read, or something else? 

    • The amount of data. Local Storage has a smaler size. WEBSQL is normally enough but we have some customers that uses the plugin (This gives 2 terrabyte) Normally this is used if you store images locally. 

  • Is websql safe, can it be encrypted on device? 
    • WEBSql is not encrypted pr default. We recommend using SAP Mobile Secure with Mocana. Then the entire App will be encrypted.

  • What is current browser support for websql? 
    •  All except Internet Explorer, then Local Storage will be used. For IE it's a 10Mb limit
    • Using Phonegap plugin we support all mobile devices

  • What kind of themeing & branding capability is provided by Neptune
    • We have implemented support for the SAP theme designer. So you can download your theme and import it into the designer. You can also change the CSS manually of course. 

  •  General Question: how can I pass a url-parameter when initial starting an Neptune web app?
    • Passing a URL parameter to the Application Class, when you fetch the HTML5 page, you can use the parameter KEY and KEY_ID. They both are found in the parameters for the OnRequest method in the Application Class