Concepts and architecture of SAPUI5 App Development in ABAP and the Neptune Application Designer  


Live Demo: SAPUI5 App Development with the Neptune Application Designer  

Integration in the SAP Mobility Platform

This webinar will cover the necessary steps required to create an Application based on HTML5 and the SAPUI5 framework using the Neptune Application Designer


  • How is this going to be working offline? do we need to do any additional coding? 
    • Offline coding are easy to achieve with Neptune and the usage of UI5 Models. We can cache the model data in Local Storage or WebSQL database.
    • Check out this webinar - Offline Sales Order in less than one hour - Video

  • Also looks like apart from ABAP skillset, it will need JavaScript knowledge to use Neptune platform. 
    • The need of javascript development have been reduced by 95%. For navigation and getting data from SAP you need to enter a UI5 method ("page"); or premade JS Function ( getOnlineObjectName(); )
    • Most of the coding for instance offline part, are based on UI5 methods. Not really that much javascript.

  • Do you need certain version of SAP to use Neptune software? 
    •  The system requirement are: Netweaver 7.x - also running on miniSAP.

  • I don't understand how final users could download end developed application ? They must download it in the appstore or android store ? 
    •  The mobile apps can be deployed directly from - or from any MAM/MDM (SAP Afaria) - or from the Stores.

  • Does Neptune Application Designer supports odata(Gateway) services .  
    • Neptune Application Server delivers data directly from SAP in JSON format - the binding telles our server what data to generate. No need to setup Gateway to consume oData services.
    • We will support oData services from Gateway in the future (oct/nov 2014). Then the binding browser will read the oData service metadata and you can bind the same way we do today with data from the Application Class

  • In Demo, where did Odata came into use?
    • The data from SAP are sent from our Server that convert SAP Data you have bound and requested into JSON data. And compress the packages sent to the client.
    • As an Neptune Developer you focus on binding the right data, and our Server handles the communication/mapping/converting.